Two Bit Eddie | Music brings harmony to the world.
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About the Band

From stints in hard rock bands, to traveling the long and dusty road with country legends and lower Broadway, to the R&B clubs of Memphis and Virginia to the “skating rink” circuit of the late 60’s to the oldies revival circuit and the industrial dungeons of the 80’s, the members of Two-Bit Eddie have seen a lot.

“The five musicians who are Two-Bit Eddie bring a wide variety of musical influences and professional performing experience to our little family.”

This special blend of musicians have come together to play what has become their own particular blend of rockin’ rhythm, rollin’ blues;and butt-thumpin’ rock ‘n’ pop….all guaranteed to keep your body movin’ and put a smile on your groovin’ little soul!

Where Music Takes You

John Thomas

John played in various hard rock / psychedelic bands from 1967 – 1970 in Clarksville, TN. Those bands included legendary gatherings of musicians playing under the names of The Sound System, Yellow Kangaroo and Cuzin’ Hog.

Rick Brady

Rick began playing drums in the 5th grade wile growing up in Virginia. He progressed into the Concert & Marching Band in Junior (that’s middle school for all you youngsters out there) and high school.

April Smith

After being groomed for singing stardom as a child…modeling, acting, going through all the trials and tribulations of getting a record contract – April Michelle Smith decided to become a musician and singer, not a star.

Latest Updates

Top 5 Best Music Genres Ever!

A music genre is an ordinary classification that recognizes a few bits of music as having a place with a mutual custom or set of traditions. It is to be recognized from a melodic frame and melodic style, despite the fact that practically speaking these terms are once in a while utilized interchangeably. Recently, academics have contended that arranging music by genre is mistaken and obsolete.

Music Genres

R&B music:

Rhythm and Blues shortly known as R&B is a term used to portray the blues-affected type of music which has been transcendently performed by African-Americans since the late 1930s. The term ‘Rhythm and Blues’ was first brought into the American dictionary in the late 1940s and the name’s birthplace was made for use as a melodic promoting term by Billboard magazine.

Pop music:

The expression ‘pop melody’ first showed up in 1926 as a depiction of a bit of craftsmanship ‘having a well-known interest’. Two or after three decades, in the 1950s, individuals began to utilize the term ‘Popular music’, again describing it just as a truncation of the prevalent music amid that time. Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that ‘Popular music’ has turned into the universal term of broadly business music, it figured out how to recognize from the enormous sea of music classifications.

Jazz music:

The advancement of jazz starts in New Orleans during the late nineteenth century when metal groups would perform in walks, parades, and funerals playing anything from military tunes to clothes in a polyphonic style like African-American vocal music. Since a significant number of these walks were extremely protracted, the tunes would need to be rehashed ordinarily driving the entertainers crazy

Techno music:

Techno music is a music genre, which consolidates an enormous assortment of sub-kinds. It rose during the mid-to-late 1980 in Detroit, Michigan and from that point forward has figured out how to spread everywhere throughout the world. Insignificant techno, funk, electro, Chicago house, electric house – all these are delegates of techno music. Today, there is an incredible number of techno music celebrations, gathering individuals from all around the world to make the most of its fiery rhythms and one of a kind sounds.

Rock music:

Rock music is a prominent genre which really began as “rock and moves” in the United States, the 1950s. Amid this period, the sound of rock customarily revolved around string instruments, which rose in its cutting-edge shape and wound up noticeably well-known at that point. Rock is a melody based music, generally with the assistance of verse-ensemble shape, which is a prevalent melodic frame in rock since the 1960s, yet the class has turned out to be differently normal and hard to characterize.

Top 10 Band Songs Ever!

The Band is a Canadian-American band that started as the sponsorship assemble for both Ronnie Hawkins and Bob Dylan and spread out individually in 1968. The members were Jaime (“Robbie”) Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Garth Hudson.


1. The Shape I’m In:

“The Shape I’m In” is a melody by The Band, came out as the first song in their 1970 collection Stage Fright. It was composed by Robbie Robertson, who did little efforts to mask the way that the song’s feeling of fear and disintegration was about Richard Manuel, the tune’s central vocalist. It turned into a consistent component in their concert collection.

2. Ophelia:

“Ophelia” is a tune recorded by American society musical band The Lumineers. It was discharged as the lead song from their sophomore discharge, Cleopatra on 2016. Up until this point, the tune has gathered more than 154 million streams on Spotify.

3. Life is a carnival:

The opening song on the Band’s fourth collection includes an awesome horn course of action by New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint. It’s likewise one of the band’s most musically yearning cuts, a rearranging, hip impact of R&B that shows exactly how capable the Band was at blending and mastering kinds.

4. Up on Cripple Creek:

Guitarist Robbie Robertson composed this tune, which recounts a disconnected anecdote about a mountain man and a young lady named Bessie. We find out about an excursion to the steed races, tuning in to Spike Jones, and how what truly makes him cheerful is the point at which she “plunges her donut in my tea.”

5. This Wheel’s on Fire:

“This current Wheel’s on Fire” was composed by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko and initially surfaced during the Band’s legendary 1967 Basement Tapes sessions recorded with Dylan while he was recuperating from a bike accident.

6. Chest Fever:

Organist Garth Hudson was the oldest individual from the Band and the most experienced person when it comes to music. The stunning organ introduction to “Chest Fever” on Music from Big Pink was his first grandstand minute. “It’s sort of a hard love melody,” said Robbie Robertson.

7. Stage Fright:

“Stage Fright” is the title track of the Band’s third collection, Stage Fright. It had Rick Danko on lead vocals and was composed by Robbie Robertson. As indicated by creator Barney Hoskyns, Robertson initially expected it to be sung by Richard Manuel, yet it turned out to be certain that the melody was more qualified to Danko’s “apprehensive and tremulous voice.”

8. I shall be released:

The Band recorded the primary authoritatively discharged form of the tune for their 1968 presentation collection, Music from Big Pink, with Richard Manuel singing lead vocals, and Rick Danko and Levon Helm fitting in the tune. The tune was additionally performed close to the finish of the Band’s 1976 goodbye show, The Last Waltz.

9. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down:

“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” is a song composed by Robbie Robertson and initially recorded by the Canadian-American rock group the Band in 1969 and discharged on their eponymous second collection. Levon Helm gave the lead vocals.

10. The Weight:

“The Weight” has gone up against practically legendary status since its discharge on the Band’s introduction collection. Robbie Robertson stacked the melody with references both evident and not really clear and a snare that is as immortal as it is brilliant.