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About the Band

From stints in hard rock bands, to traveling the long and dusty road with country legends and lower Broadway, to the R&B clubs of Memphis and Virginia to the “skating rink” circuit of the late 60’s to the oldies revival circuit and the industrial dungeons of the 80’s, the members of Two-Bit Eddie have seen a lot.

“The five musicians who are Two-Bit Eddie bring a wide variety of musical influences and professional performing experience to our little family.”

This special blend of musicians have come together to play what has become their own particular blend of rockin’ rhythm, rollin’ blues;and butt-thumpin’ rock ‘n’ pop….all guaranteed to keep your body movin’ and put a smile on your groovin’ little soul!

Where Music Takes You

John Thomas

John played in various hard rock / psychedelic bands from 1967 – 1970 in Clarksville, TN. Those bands included legendary gatherings of musicians playing under the names of The Sound System, Yellow Kangaroo and Cuzin’ Hog.

Rick Brady

Rick began playing drums in the 5th grade wile growing up in Virginia. He progressed into the Concert & Marching Band in Junior (that’s middle school for all you youngsters out there) and high school.

April Smith

After being groomed for singing stardom as a child…modeling, acting, going through all the trials and tribulations of getting a record contract – April Michelle Smith decided to become a musician and singer, not a star.

Latest Updates

Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle Review

Lost valley camping hammock bundle is a budget-friendly hammock which you can always carry along for your camping trip.

Getting a hammock of good quality can sometimes be difficult, this is because there is a variety of them in the market, and therefore choosing one which you think is good for you might sometimes become a hassle.

However, after reading this article is certain you will be in a position to choose the right hammock for your camping. You can also check out for more guides and reviews about outdoor sleeping gears.

With lost valley camping hammock, every comfort you need for your camping will be right there with you, this type of hammock is in a position to deal with different situations which other types of hammocks cannot.

You do not have to access additional accessories to begin using it, it works independently. It is a perfect hammock for the first-time hammock uses. Is very easy to use since one only needs to take it out of the box and put it to use right away.

It also comes with the accessories already installed, so he or she does not need to worry about anything, be it the different weather conditions since it can easily take on it.

For people who have a tight budget, they should not feel left out because this hammock is pocket-friendly and can be easily afforded. It also comes with a travel bag which one can use to store it. Setting it up does not consume a lot of time, the longest time it can take is 10 minutes.

It is made from nylon which is tear resistant and very durable. It is also a portal and very light. It also has an inside pocket which you can use to store your mobile phone and your other belongings, by this, your cell phone will be prevented from getting lost, buy one today and get to enjoy all the above befits.

Planning Your Wedding Music

If you have a wedding ceremony in the near future, you have a lot of work to do! Do you feel stuck, with all kinds of ideas for your wedding ceremony going around in your head and you’re not sure how to make sense of all this? These first steps to make your wedding plans take off can be hard for lots of people. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the details. One aspect that usually makes it seem even more complicated is wedding music.

Here’s how to start the musical planning of your wedding ceremony:

1. Get Your Lists Started

When you begin to think about your ceremony, write the ideas of the ceremony. This accomplishes several things. First, “remove stress” from your mind. You will stop transporting ideas in your mind that simply make you want to leave. Putting them on paper will reduce your anxiety. It also provides you something concrete to refer and work with. Find out what items on this list are significant or even critical to your wedding ceremony. Some ideas will be and others will not.

2. Focus on What’s Important

When you can see on paper what is important to you, you can begin to focus on those elements. And you can keep away from spending time working on all the other aspects, elements or ideas that are not significant to you. In any case, you want to work first on the things that are significant, right?

3. Your Vision for the Ceremony Will Be Clear

This reduction in your ideas helps your vision of the ceremony take shape. And when you have a clear vision of what you want, you can communicate it to those around you as well. And then, guess what? People can help you better because they can also visualize what you want!

4. What Needs to Be Done Will Be Clear

By having what is significant to you written down and focusing on those things, you will better understand what is taken care of and what is not what is approaching on the day of the wedding. You will also have fewer moments of uncertainty.

5. The Final Game

In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, think about how wonderful it will be to have all the significant items on the list marked! How exciting will it feel?

6. Start Now

Find a quiet time and space. Take a piece of paper and a pen and start capturing those excellent ideas of ceremonies that you have in your head. Highlight the elements that are really significant and then be amazed at your anxiety level drops. Perhaps you can even treat yourself to a nap then!

Brides and couples who hope to simplify the planning of their church’s wedding music turn to wedding music unveiled for exciting, memorable and unique wedding ceremony music. One of the secrets of having a perfect wedding is to play music that you and your guests will enjoy. So, increase the repertoire of your wedding and make sure you have the perfect live band to play your wedding songs, listen more here.

Effects of Low Testosterone Level On a Man’s Body

A man’s pride is his strength. As much as possible, men who are conscious of their health do strict diet and rigorous activity just to maintain their strength. But as men grow older, their testosterone level also decreases. How does this affect one’s daily life? Here are some of the effects in men when there is a decrease of low testosterone in the body.

1. Physical Change

For men, testosterone level is evident during the puberty stage. When a man is of age, evidence of testosterone changing the body is most likely observed in teenage years. If a man gets older, the testosterone will also have its effect in the body. Some of it is the decrease of fat in the body, decrease of body mass muscle and strength. The body will also experience aches throughout the body as it will also affect one’s bones; making it more fragile. Also, it is also one of the reasons why most men experience hair loss. Notice that when a man is of old age, their hair will also start to fall out? This is said to be of low male hormone or low testosterone.

2. Sleeping Pattern

As men grow older, their sleep schedule will also be affected.  As the male hormone decreases, it will also affect one’s energy level which results to insomnia and other sleep related issues; such as change in sleep patterns. Although some say that sleep apnea can also result to decrease of testosterone level, this is not yet 100 percent proven by researchers and professionals.

3. Emotional State

Aside from physical changes, it can also affect one’s emotional state. This where depression and anxiety comes in; as the chemical balance inside one’s body will be affected, hormonal imbalance will be its result. Other men will also experience memory, concentration, self-confidence, and motivation. As testosterone is one of the contributors in emotional regulation, this also said to be the reason why a man will experience decrease in sex drive and will often experience fatigue.

With low testosterone level, a man will also experience other symptoms also known as signs of aging. Although men might be more concern with their “manliness” rather than wrinkles and skin aging, there are other side effects of aging that men should be more concerned of. Here is some of it:

  • Testicular cancer
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Diabetes
  • Pituitary gland problems
  • Thyroid conditions

Although some say that these might not be related to low testosterone level and are just simply a sign that a person is aging, being safe is better than being flustered when this conditions comes to surface. To avoid such problems, it is better to prepare earlier than later. There are great products for boosting your testosterone. By taking them, you can keep your testosterone level at bay and will enjoy the life’s pleasure as much as possible. Two of the most recommended testosterone boosters are the testofuel and prime male testbooster supplement. For those who wish to know more about these testbooster supplements, visit for a more detailed review.

How to keep rats and rodents away

Are you having a rat infestation in your home or business? Well, as much as rats do contribute to nature’s economic balance in their own unique way, they are destructive and filthy. Rats also do carry diseases with them. Therefore, when they show up in your home, it is imperative that you deal with the situation immediately. However, as the wise men said, prevention will always be better than cure. Here are tips on how to keep rats and rodents away.

1. Seal Holes or Cracks in Your Property

Holes and cracks are the most popular routes that are used by rats and rodents. If you have many of these in your home, then you can expect a visit from rats. The best thing you can do to keep rats at bay is by sealing any holes and cracks. This will ensure that the rats don’t find entry into your property.

2. Make Their Food Scarce

The minute you separate rats from their food source is when they will leave your home. Rats are quite resourceful. Therefore when doing this, you have to be extra careful. They are capable of tracing food sources no matter where you hide them. Make sure that your garbage cans are covered at all times and never leave food lying around aimlessly. It is a good idea to invest in rodent-proof containers.

3. Destroy Their Habitat

If you have a rat infestation in your home, then chances are they have built a habitat there. By destroying their habitat then you will have succeeded in keeping these rodents at bay. You can start by removing any unused appliances or items in your storage and garage. Allowing rats to build habitats in your home is quite dangerous since this creates the perfect environment for them to breed. Also, remove heavy vegetation near your property.

4. Make Use of Traps

One of the best ways to deal with rodents is by setting up traps. You can purchase rat traps from a convenience store near you or rather from online vendors. When buying rodent traps be mindful of pets and kids. Cage traps are a perfect option.

5. You Can Also Use Rat Poison

This is an effective way of keeping rats and rodents away, but it isn’t recommendable. Rat poisons should be used outside your home since the rats can spread this poison to other parts of your house. When practicing this method, you should keep children and pets away.

6. Call in The Professionals

When all the above tips fail to keep rats and rodents away from your home, then it is time to call the professionals. Rat exterminators are skilled and experienced in handling these infestations. They will first find the source of the rat problem, eliminate it and give you preventative measures. With an expert rat exterminator, you can be assured of a higher success in dealing with the menace.

At times employing only one of these techniques may not work. It is best if you try out two or three of these tips at a go. This will increase your odds of keeping rats and rodents away. Rats have been a huge problem to farmers, homeowners and business people throughout history. With these tips you can be assured of maintaining a rat-free environment.

Oster Pro 1200 blender plus review

Are you really getting tired of your routine 10-dollar Kitchen blender that is impossible to use to crush ice and struggles to provide smoothies that are actually easy? Blender recipes that need processing power beyond what’s necessary for easy berry smoothies and milkshakes? Still, you’ve seen the hefty price labels on greatest blender versions such as the Vitamix and Blendtec array and you do not feel prepared to commit to this level of investment. Sounds relatable? Then I am complete with you. During this Oster Pro 1200 Plus review, I will take you through all you want to understand whether you’re considering buying one of Oster’s very well-known blenders, so let us begin!

Build and Design

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus will make a compact addition to your kitchen, with a sleek brushed nickel foundation. There are 9 components to this blender, for example, base. You obtain a strong Triton jar using a 48 ounce. If you did not understand, Titan is an ultra-powerful BPA-free plastic utilized to boost an item’s durability–and thus longevity. The jar lid includes a cap that doubles as a two ounce. Measuring cup and may be eliminated when you have to add more ingredients without even taking the lid off.

How Long Is Your Warranty?

Using a 3-year satisfaction warranty together with a 10-year limited guarantee on the all-metal drive. While not as appealing as the 7 as well as 8-year guarantees you are going to receive on luxury blenders, it is definitely fair.

Performance and Noise Level

Cost aside, if you get This Oster blender, you are getting an adequate bit of kit if you think about its own processing capacity. Some Consumers say it is like having 90 percent of a Vitamix’s functionality at a portion of using a rotation rate of 19,000 RPM, strong enough to procedure demanding produce and crush ice with comparative ease. Throughout Allergic cycles, then you’ll detect the blender employs a double direction technique using its blades, which will help pull Food items to the blades and also prevents them from adhering to the faces of this jar.

Benefits of Electric Razors

When you need to decide between electric razors, a cartridge based razor, a beard trimmer or a single or double edge razor, there surely is a lot to choose from. So, how do you find the one that is right for you? We all seem to spend longer and longer hours at the office, which is why the time that we get in the morning for trimming and looking presentable becomes shorter and shorter. This being said, we think that there is no better choice than an electric razor. If you don’t own one yet, here are some of the benefits associated with using an electric razor.

1. Electric razors are cheaper than cartridge based razors. Yes, you will have to spend a few hundred dollars in order to buy one and a cartridge based razor doesn’t cost that much but if you compare annual costs, it gets much cheaper with an electric razor. This is because you can expect for the top quality electric razors to last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. Insane, right?

2. Time efficient- If you don’t have too much time to get ready in the morning, there is nothing more time efficient than the electric razor. 5 minutes is more than enough in order to shave with an electric razor, while a cartridge razor or an edge razor will require at least 15 minutes.

3. If you are really on the run, you can bring the electric razor with you in the car. If you use a cordless one, then a break at any traffic light is going to be enough in order to get perfectly trimmed, even though you woke up too late or you simply got stuck in the house for one reason or another. You can still get to the office in time and look as if you had all the time in the world to prepare, so I think that this is a huge advantage and a big reason why you should consider investing in an electric razor.

4. A close shave- This seems to be one of the biggest problems that men deal with when they do their trimming: it is difficult to obtain a close shave. Well, this is not going to be a problem anymore if you decide to use an electric razor.

Did we convince you that this is an investment that you should make? If we have, then we are also more than happy to help you find the best cheap electric razor. No, you don’t even have to spend a small fortune in order to get a good quality electric razor. There are plenty of top quality ones which don’t cost too much; you just have to learn where to look for them. For example, the experts at My Hair Clippers know everything about the best products on the market and they put detailed reviews at your disposal. Visit their website, read their detailed reviews and you will see how easy it is to make an excellent choice.

Wine and Special Occasions

Wines are served in all special occasions. This implies the need for hosts and hostesses to be able to pick out the right wine for a certain occasion. Of course, you don’t want the special event that you are hosting to be declared a failure due to wrong choices of wine for the occasion. To better tell you which wine to acquire, you must follow some facts about the right pairing of wine and the occasion. You will find plenty of wine gift combinations online, but selecting one is not that hard for those who have extensive knowledge of this matter.

For instance, learning that a friend is moving to a new home is a perfect opportunity to give a wine gift combo. In fact, the occasion calls for a bottle of bubbly that you and your friend can drink while you wish him the best of everything in this new journey. Your friend will certainly appreciate the champagne as a housewarming gift. Nevertheless, when you need a gift for a housewarming party, a bottle of champagne may not be enough. Why not pair it with personalized champagne glasses, as well?

There are plenty of online stores that offer customization on gift items, and one of these is Personalized by Kate. You can have them emboss your friend’s name on the champagne glass, as well as the date he moved into his new home, so that he will never forget that special day. Use the personalized champagne glass as you raise a toast to your friend for finally enjoying the fruit of his hard work.

Indeed, a wine gift combination can be a great housewarming gift. It becomes even more special when shared between you and your friend since it shows how happy you are with his success. After all, while everyone dreams of having his own home, not everyone is fortunate enough to actually make that dream reality.

On a side note, wine isn’t strictly a housewarming gif. Celebrating wedding anniversaries won’t be complete without selecting the favorite wine of the couple, if they have any. On the other hand, they can buy a pinot noir as it exudes a seductive smell that will be loved by men. During the holidays when everyone in the family is at home, consumers must know the preferences of those who drink. This is a way of ensuring that everybody will love the wine that you buy. If you are attending a special event and a gift is required, buy wine gifts online because it’s very convenient.

So, the next time you will be challenged to host a party, you will be more relaxed as you are quite confident that you have the right knowledge on the matter. You must be very cautious because you want your party to be declared a success by attendees. The addition of wines just makes the event to become more exciting and fun. Be picky when buying wines so that you can find the best for you. It doesn’t have to be vintage if you have little budget on this thing.

The Leading Electric Dehumidifier for Hearing Aid to Look Forward this 2019

Hearing aids are not cheap. Although you have the financial resources to buy a new one, it is difficult to find the best hearing aid that is suitable for your condition. Thus, you have to take care of your hearing aid through proper maintenance to make it last longer.

For sure, your personal doctor gave you advice on how to keep your hearing aid sanitized and safe the first time you received it. Of course, once you’ve got your hearing aid, you’ll have to use it on a daily basis. Chances are, dirt and microbes would accumulate on the device. Dirt and bacteria can lead to infections as well as damage your hearing aid unit. But you can keep it safe by using an electric dehumidifier for hearing aids.

An electric dehumidifier is a device that assures a hearing aid is dry and safe. Moreover, this tool prevents the growth and spread of bacteria on a hearing aid. It prolongs the life of your personal hearing aid unit.

You can find an electric dehumidifier through online markets like Amazon. But take note that there is a wide variety of this item. Electric hearing aid dehumidifiers differ in performance, functionality, size, convenience, and prices. Hence, some brands of this tool may reach your expectations and needs.

If you have no idea where to begin or how to search for an electric hearing aid dehumidifier, the first step is to consult a reliable online source like the DoctEar.

Who’s DoctEar?

The DoctEar is an informative website that provides detailed product reviews of the latest best-seller and guaranteed quality electric hearing aid dryers. Likewise, this online source provides guidelines on how to search for this device as assistance to first-time buyers. And, if you want to keep tabs of the latest trends about such equipment, all you have to do is visit the official website of DoctEar.

From the trustworthy source of electronic hearing aid dryers, below is the leading brand of this device that should look forward this 2019.

Introducing the Dry and Store Global

The Dry and Store Global II is a well-known manufacturer of electronic hearing aid dehumidifiers. This brand name is popular for its impressive product lines of hearing aid dryers that are worth your money. One of their latest creations is the Dry and Store Global II electric hearing aid dehumidifier.

Dry and Store Global II Electric Hearing Aid Dehumidifier, What is it?

This hearing aid dryer features an incredible technology in keeping hearing aids protected, safe, and sanitized. This tool utilizes ultraviolet light to dry the hearing aid units. Moreover, it is an energy-efficient item. The light automatically shuts off when the lid is lifted up or when you leave the device open after eight hours. This feature allows you to save energy when using the device. Likewise, it supports longer life on the machine.

Where to Find Dry and Store Global II Electric Hearing Aid Dryer?

This product is available at Amazon. But before you buy this item, make sure to find out additional details regarding the technical info as well as product specifications of the item. With this, you can guarantee a purchase that is worth your money.

Safety measures in handling Weed eaters

Keeping your home green while at the same time having weeds around trees and the houses at an acceptable height is very possible. You can even do it on your own. The most effective machine to use in doing this is the weed eater. The weed eater is even better than using a chemical which will kill the weeds effectively but leave the shade ugly or unattractive. Using the weed eater to do away with whichever type of weeds needs safety measures to a good success void of accidents. Here are some of the safety measures in operating weedeaters:

1. Use both hands for a tight grip

A weed eater is a machine that can easily lose control when not well gripped. Most of them are very heavy and so just one hand may not be enough to keep it into focus. Remember it is a moving machine and so it requires the whole of your energy and focuses to avoid accidents. you never know when an accident can occur. It could be you getting hurt by the machine if you hold it using one hand. If possible, avoid any distraction that can draw your attention from it.

2. Keep it distant people 30-60 feet

It is very common that weed eaters can lose control when under operation. Therefore, as a user, it is your responsibility to keep your working area away from people at least 30 to 60 feet away. Do not assume that those people around you are seeing you. They might be children. Some might even be adults who totally do not understand how the weed eater operates. If something happens like an accident, you will be more responsible than those people.

3. Clear your working space

There could be stones, debris or some grown-up twigs. Before you start your work, ensure that you clearly remove any obstacle that might be on your way. Such obstacles may cause injuries when you trip on them. Some can be thrown by the machine back to you hence harming you. To avoid such dangers, spare some time and simple make your working ground clear. This can guarantee your safety. As you prepare for this kind of safety, also dress on some heavy gloves, goggles and boost to avoid being injured by the stones that you might not have noticed earlier.

4. Avoid refilling fuel immediately after using it.

You should also avoid refilling your weed eater immediately after working with it. Allow it to properly cool before you add any type of fuel, be it gasoline or any other fuel. If it happens that it runs out of fuel before you finish clearing the entire weeds as planned, it is advisable to take some rest so that the machine can properly cool. When the weed eater is in operation, it comes hot. This high temperature can cause a fire explosion hence cause more danger. The same applies to its storage. Do not store it immediately after working with it as it can cause a fire outbreak. Leave it in the open field until it has cooled before you can go ahead and keep it.

What is serumtologie c serum 22

Serumtologie c serum-22 is simply a skin care treatment cream which is used as an anti-aging agent to your skin. Most people, especially women, do not love to be associated with aging. They feel better to advance in years, something they can easily hide but not on the skin. If possible, they can even feel better to have child-like skin even when they are very old in age. This is why they use such skin care treatment to feel young. Serumtologie c serum is practically designed to keep the skin young.


The science behind this treatment is the anti-oxidation agent which is present in the serumtologie c serum-22. The antioxidant in the serum-22 stimulates the collagen synthesis hence giving rise to significant protection to the skin. With this, the visible aging signs in the skin can be reduced. At the same time, the anti-oxidation factor in the serum lowers the seed of aging to the skin. This is why those who start using the serum at a young age, about 25 years tend to stay young for quite a long time.


Serumtologie c serum-22 also works under the hydration power. It is made of some hydration ingredients which help in smoothing and softening of the skin. Naturally, taking plenty of water helps your skin to favorably avoid dehydration. When the skin has gone through dehydration, it tends to be dull and so dry. Exposing your skin into such conditions may really interfere with the aging process. Within no time, someone’s skin becomes rugged. Well, even if you do not take water frequently, somehow this serum will help you maintain soft skin. However, you also need to fix time tp at least take some water to boost the impact of this serum.


The uniqueness in the name, Serumtologie c serum-22 comes from the company where this product is made. It is just the normal serum you know but made and parked by the Serumtologie Company which happens to produce it. The company is considered to be the pioneer in revolutionary skincare serum. The company is based in Beverly Hills. You might be hearing about the product and company for the first time but that is not an issue. It is still a new product and so it has not gained enough reputation in the industry. It goes at about $35 per 34 ml bottle. This is not very expensive if you want to enjoy anti-aging skin.

How to apply serumtologie c serum-22

To apply serumtologie c serum-22, you first have to clean and dry your skin. You do not have to apply it to the whole of your body. Just the face and the neck are enough. However, if you can manage to buy it frequently then you can use it in the whole of your body. Once the skin is dry, you can make a few drops, two to five drops and smear uniformly in your skin. To have the best results, it is advisable that you use it in the morning and in the evening after the shower. The good thing about it is that it has a pleasant scent and so you can use it even when you want to go out.