Two Bit Eddie | How to keep rats and rodents away
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How to keep rats and rodents away

How to keep rats and rodents away

Are you having a rat infestation in your home or business? Well, as much as rats do contribute to nature’s economic balance in their own unique way, they are destructive and filthy. Rats also do carry diseases with them. Therefore, when they show up in your home, it is imperative that you deal with the situation immediately. However, as the wise men said, prevention will always be better than cure. Here are tips on how to keep rats and rodents away.

1. Seal Holes or Cracks in Your Property

Holes and cracks are the most popular routes that are used by rats and rodents. If you have many of these in your home, then you can expect a visit from rats. The best thing you can do to keep rats at bay is by sealing any holes and cracks. This will ensure that the rats don’t find entry into your property.

2. Make Their Food Scarce

The minute you separate rats from their food source is when they will leave your home. Rats are quite resourceful. Therefore when doing this, you have to be extra careful. They are capable of tracing food sources no matter where you hide them. Make sure that your garbage cans are covered at all times and never leave food lying around aimlessly. It is a good idea to invest in rodent-proof containers.

3. Destroy Their Habitat

If you have a rat infestation in your home, then chances are they have built a habitat there. By destroying their habitat then you will have succeeded in keeping these rodents at bay. You can start by removing any unused appliances or items in your storage and garage. Allowing rats to build habitats in your home is quite dangerous since this creates the perfect environment for them to breed. Also, remove heavy vegetation near your property.

4. Make Use of Traps

One of the best ways to deal with rodents is by setting up traps. You can purchase rat traps from a convenience store near you or rather from online vendors. When buying rodent traps be mindful of pets and kids. Cage traps are a perfect option.

5. You Can Also Use Rat Poison

This is an effective way of keeping rats and rodents away, but it isn’t recommendable. Rat poisons should be used outside your home since the rats can spread this poison to other parts of your house. When practicing this method, you should keep children and pets away.

6. Call in The Professionals

When all the above tips fail to keep rats and rodents away from your home, then it is time to call the professionals. Rat exterminators are skilled and experienced in handling these infestations. They will first find the source of the rat problem, eliminate it and give you preventative measures. With an expert rat exterminator, you can be assured of a higher success in dealing with the menace.

At times employing only one of these techniques may not work. It is best if you try out two or three of these tips at a go. This will increase your odds of keeping rats and rodents away. Rats have been a huge problem to farmers, homeowners and business people throughout history. With these tips you can be assured of maintaining a rat-free environment.

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