Two Bit Eddie | Buyer’s Guide: Top Factors You Need to Consider When Buying Your Own Hair Clipper
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Buyer’s Guide: Top Factors You Need to Consider When Buying Your Own Hair Clipper

Buyer’s Guide: Top Factors You Need to Consider When Buying Your Own Hair Clipper

Most men do not need to go to some hairdresser or barber’s salon when they own a reliable pair of hair clippers; as long as they know to use them properly, they’ll be able to keep the hair clippers for more than five or ten years.

But what are the qualities of a reliable hair clipper? If you are currently planning to purchase your first hair clipper or planning to replace your old set, here are the top factors to consider when buying your own hair clipper.

1. It should have a powerful motor

One of the crucial components of a hair clipper is its internal motor; in fact, it does most of the work.

Sourcing for the best hair clipper with a powerful motor can be very confusing; to give you easier options, you need to know about the two types of motor – the magnetic motor and the rotary motor.

  • Magnetic motor

Hair clippers that are powered by the magnetic motor are least expensive; however, that depends on its design and brand. Also, even with less force, it runs much faster than the rotary motor. However, some brands with this type of motor are vibrating unpredictably, which causes the clipper to operate louder than its counterpart.

  • Rotary motor

Most of the hair clippers used by professionals are constructed with a rotary motor, which means, clippers with a rotary motor are more expensive than the magnetic ones. The motor is considered as one of the powerful hair clippers, where it can operate loads of hair cutting, without producing any sound. Plus, it is suitable for cutting wet and thick hair.

If you are still confused, you should choose quality hair clipper with a powerful motor, where it can cut thick hair repeatedly without encountering problems.

Also, if you are choosing between hair clippers with cord and cordless, you have to choose something that can run last.

2. It should be durable

Another factor to consider is its durability; if you are opting for a hair clipper that works on both wet and dry hair, you have to find the one that is durable enough to operate the next 5 to 6 years or more. How? Check out reviews.

One of the reliable and durable hair clippers is manufactured by Wahl; right here, you will find quality and trustworthy reviews about Wahl hair clippers that are available in the market today. So, if you are ready to purchase one now, try reading the reviews first.

3. Its capability to adjust

If you are going to purchase a new pair of hair clippers, do not forget to check its specifics – more importantly, its adjustability. If you are opting for this type of clippers, you have to pay attention to its adjustment options; this is to ensure that you are using a hair clipper that will provide you with an accurate result.

Final Thoughts

If you are now ready to purchase hair clippers, do not forget to consider the price, design, and its portability; these factors will help you choose the right hair clipper for you.

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