Two Bit Eddie | Difference between Jazz and Rock
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Difference between Jazz and Rock

Difference between Jazz and Rock


Rock and jazz music are among the most popular music genres in the world. They are very different. Even a young child can tell the difference between the two. They both have many subgenres.

Rock music

Rock originated from the united stated in the mid-20th century. Itspread to Europe in the ‘60s and many were celebrating it worldwide in the ‘90s. In its early stages, it consisted of jazz,country and blues. Later it developed some hardedge and electric guitars,drums and bass were introduced. This later led to heavy metal and hard rock. This is where the music band hop and sing madly giving rock its dark tone and rude attitude.

Rock is understandable. It mostly consists of three standard chord sequence. Rock is accessible and poetic. It is unique and different from all the other genres. It has some sense of sexual freedom as is illustrated by its’s assertive nature.Most people think of it as entertainment.

Jazz music

This genre of music has a rich heritage. It originated from the American,European and Africa slave music. It emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was played during work,in the plantations, after harvests,in celebrations,mourning and after work. This was the foundation of blues and ragtime and later all the subgenres of jazz.

This music used pianos,expensive and gallant trumpet,saxophone and bass. It is hard to perform and requires a lot of practice. It also demands a lot of concentration from the audience since catching the concept is a bit hard. To be a successful jazz artist you have to understand that you cannot choose a tune to produce jazz. You must first create an ideal in your mind and then willed to play it. It is a result of passion and love for the music. This music exhibits emotion. It is intimate. Gives a story. It connects to one’s soul.

Difference between jazz and rock.

Jazz was developed in the early twentiethcentury and is a product of different cultures while rock wasdeveloped in the mid-twentieth century and it originated from America and late spread to other places.

Jazz is complicated. It needs more attention and concentration to understand. Rock is more understandable and the audience can easily tell what the music band is singing.

Many think that Jazzis very hard to perform. To be a good performer you need to do a lot of practice. Rock is more accessible. It is easier to perform than jazz.

Music bands that play jazz music value the trumpet more. Without the trumpet, we cannot have jazz music. For rock stars,it is the electric guitar. This is the main instrument used during theperformance.

Jazz is cool. It has a lower pitch. Both the audience and artist are composed.Rock is very loud and mind-blowing. There is a lot of jumping and shouting.

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Jazz musicexpresses a lot of emotion. There is a lot of soul-searching and thinking. Rock exhibit sexual freedom. It is very assertive.

With the above differences in mind,it is so easy to distinguish jazz music from rock music. See more about music genres:

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