Two Bit Eddie | Facial Brushes – Product Comparison and Review
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Facial Brushes – Product Comparison and Review

Facial Brushes – Product Comparison and Review

Washing your face regularly will make your skin smooth and clear. Somehow washing your face with cleanser by just your hand will leave behind more dirt, dead skin and grime than you think. Well, it is not just you are doing it wrong, it’s just that you have the wrong tool instead.

The facial brush is a good tool which we highly recommend to add it to your skincare routine. The facial brush is designed to help people to remove dirt, dead skin and makeup to leave your beautiful skin glowing which will make you look and feel younger. The facial brush is being developed which they are now more effective at cleaning the face than you are able to do it with your hands, or using washcloth and loofah.  This is really quick to use and save you time on your daily skincare routine.

Meanwhile, there are some brushes that are costly but can help you save tons of money to make your skin healthier and reducing the need for facial cleansing.

Here are the benefits you may get in using a facial brush.

  • Able to reduce the large pores in your face
  • It helps to increase the absorption of serums, creams and other skin care cream products.
  • It creates smooth and glowing skin
  • It helps to remove makeup, oil, dirt, and sweat
  • Exfoliating the skin, help to remove or minimize acne and improving your skin complexion

Your Online Guide to Younger Looking Skin

There are different options in choosing the best facial brush on the market to fit all the skin types and budgets. If you are not sure what to choose here we provide you the list of facial brushes available and comparison.

Clarisonic Mia 2

Advantage Disadvantage
Head brush options are for all skin types and need The head does not spin properly
It is waterproof Some find the timer function frustrating
Can last longer between charges The battery is not replaceable but is long lasting

ProX by Olay Microdermabrasion plus Advanced Facial Cleansing

Advantage Disadvantage
The brush head is fully rotating Just water resistant
With microdermabrasion setting Not good as microdermabrasion system
With two brushes and two cleansers Have issues with durability

Clarisonic Mia FIT

Advantage Disadvantage
Portable and comes from small size Need to recharge more often
Have 2-speed settings Don’t fully rotate
With 9 brush head options  


Advantage Disadvantage
No brush head for replacement No power plug but has USB
Its hygienic compare to regular brushes Cleanser is not included
Charge can last for 7 months The buttons are difficult to push

PIXNOR P2017 Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager

Advantage Disadvantage
Has cheaper price compare to others Has durability issues
It includes 7 brush heads Not powerful
waterproof Battery are required but not included

The facial brush might be a small vanity but a good investment. This will help you have that cleaner look, a brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. The facial brush is much better to use compare of using the washcloth or just your hands. So check them now!

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