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Music genres can be differentiated one from the other in diverse ways. Difference between genres could be pointed out from tempo, to song structure to rhythm to lyrics and finally by sound.

Each music genre has its peculiarity

Presently, a distinct method by which genres can be identified has not been established as each genre has its peculiarity. So the only approach to identifying your music genre, presently, is to identify some big genres (e.g jazz,electronica and rock), then understand the subtle differences between those genres, this would give you a clue or clues that would help you identify the genre your music belongs to.

Musical genres have a unique pattern or combination of:

  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Dynamics
  • Instrumentation
  • The ways an instrument is used (unconventional or conventional)
  • Tempo
  • Attitude or Mood
  • Lyrics
  • Harmony
  • Language
  • Subjects depicted, musically or lyrically

Listen to the Music to know the genre

The profiles of different genres could be analyzed here, but it does not really contribute to identifying your music genre. It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate genres or styles by reading or discussing about them, especially if you’re not listening to the music that belong to the various genre being read or talked about at the same time. It has been said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, the approach just does not work that way. You have to listen a lot, listen actively, with time, you will be able to distinguish the different genres and styles in music.  Just as it is that, you do not learn how to ride a bicycle by reading or talking about it, you learn by riding; the more you ride, the perfect you become in the art of riding.

Get a music library

So you are advised to get a huge music library or service where you can listen to different genres of music. Attending musical concerts is great as well. Someone once said “I actually learnt a ton from a music appreciation class I took in college, where the instructor would play several examples of different genres and talk about them. But playing the examples was very important – discussing them was only meaningful after listening.”

Differentiate between two or more music genres,

Listening is an important skill you must develop, as it will help you understand the tempo and dynamics of various songs. You will get to understand why a particular genre of music is referred to as ‘soul’ or ‘blues’ or ‘jazz’. A very good starting point would be to find out what Jazz bands and Rock bands are, find out the difference between this genres of music. While it is a known fact that Jazz is practically, very complicated music but gracefully made with various instrument and classical music,  Rock is a little heavier, and is majorly based on electric guitars and 4/4 signatures. You are encouraged to start listening to your favorite genre and start exploring it, listen actively, compare with other genres of music you have listened to recently, then, you would find it very interesting and easy to differentiate between two or more music genres, thus, enabling you to know your music genre.


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