Two Bit Eddie | Band
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Band Bio’s

Norm Rau – guitar, harp, vocals
junior’s life:first musical experience was hearing ” HELP” playing on the radio,it’s been all downhill ever since.first gig : kindergarten singing supercalifragil…..well i could say it then, i was a smash, played for the door. guitar at ten, mom hated me ever since. second gig at 17-lack of promotion i guess – barn party in brentwood tn. -got raided spent 4 hours in jail , no dough. 18 years old and lead guitarist for SORRELS PICKARD and UFOP the house band at THE BRASS ASS on second ave. nashville tn. thats right THE SORRELS PICKARD star of HARD BODIES movies. best pickard quote “son, a fat girl will do anything just throw her on the table and peel her like a banana and she say nobody but you”. highlight: doing sessions with ben keith. best keith quote”hey guys let’s take a break, got any weed?”lowlight: me trying to get leon russell thrown off the stage cause i thought he was a 2nd avenue drunk, well that night he was. we got the door. next detroit city lead guitar and founding member of ONE OF THESE DAYS legendary underground motor city rock kings. gigs ? hundreds. money-minimal, back to nashville with the Resistors, power pop gods and social climbers. lots of gigs, lots of recording, played for the door. highlight: countless opening slots for REM at K.O. JAMS in murfreesboro and at CANTRELLS in nashville. so many i cant remember. also Love Tractor and Jason and the Scorchers { WHO WE WERE MUCH MORE POPULAR THAN }. moved to california and the Resistors became THE DAYTS. tons of blonde hair and harmonies. highlight:opening slot for JOHN HYATT, THE BANGLES, SALVATION ARMY and more that i cant remember. lowlight: coming back to nashville to play college circuit with THE DAYTS through local booking agents. money real good, career move real bad. band breaks up and i play with P.O.W, EYE COMMITEE, and MERE IMAGE. highlight: opening slot for ADRIEN BELEW AND THE BEARS. pay-it cost me. played with TOMORROWS WORLD for years and years or so it seemed. popularity great – money none. played with DESSAU six years. toured u.s.a. and canada and loved it! carlyle records fifth column records rca recording artits. pay -minimal experience-tons. highlight: recording with paul barker of MINISTRY and playing what seemed like a million wonderful shows. next BIG RIFLE CLUB on hi-fi party records lots of great music-no dough. founding member of TWO-BIT EDDIE SHOWBAND AND MUSICAL REVIEW, three years running and no end in sight. gigs a bunch – pay-it costs me….

John A. Thomas (e) – bass, vocals
Born in Memphis, TN, reared in Clarksville, TN… He helped found Two-Bit Eddie with Norm in 2001.
John played in various hard rock / psychedelic bands from 1967 – 1970 in Clarksville, TN. Those bands included legendary gatherings of musicians playing under the names of The Sound System, Yellow Kangaroo and Cuzin’ Hog.
He moved to Memphis, TN in 1970 where he piddled around with a hard rock outfit or two. He helped out at Betty Lou Studios, a local recording studio where he , learned a lot about sound engineering. He join with a group of musicians who became the studio band for Betty Lou doing a lot of sessions for local gospel and R&B artists. That group also performed as the around town as Thumpin’ Gizzard…a pretty darn good R&B / Pop band that played all the “hot clubs” in the Airways Blvd – Park Avenue – South Parkway area of Memphis. They also headlined a summer tour of Church’s chicken restaurants…really. John went on to work in a road band that toured much of the country playing the tunes of one of the legendary Memphis Pop / R&B groups of the middle / late 60’s … the name of the band isn’t important and is best left unspoken to protect the innocent.
He took the next 25 years off as he plied his trade in the wholesale / retail music biz. Then, in 2001, a phone call from Rau….the rest is history.

“Perk” Perkins (Mis’sippi Perkins) – guitar, vocals
Born and raised in Northeast Mississippi. Grew up listening to Elvis, Beatles, and Stones. Decided to get serious about playing guitar in early 70’s after seeing Richie Blackmore / Deep Purple on TV. Did club dates in a covers band in high school and early college, and lead guitar on a USO tour to Cuba in ’75. The rest of the 70’s were in a Christian rock band playing dates all over the Southeast. Semi retired from playing music in the 80’s and 90’s except at church. (Met N. Rau and Evil E while working together for the same retail record chain.) Accepted an invitation one night to join Two-Bit Eddie on a club stage for a couple of numbers – ended up playing over half their set with them! Agreed the next day to start playing with the band regularly.

Rick Brady – drums, percussion, vocals
Rick began playing drums in the 5th grade wile growing up in Virginia. He progressed into the Concert & Marching Band in Junior (that’s middle school for all you youngsters out there) and high school.
His first rock & roll band experience came when young Rick was a sophomore in high school with the band Revolver who later to evolve into Grand Slam, both of which were booked by Est Coast Entertainment. Rick received his degree in Business Management / Music Industry from James Madison University going to work with a local, Virginia sound company. Oh yea, he did not playing the college marching band.
Rick toured with Complete Records signee, Kim & Karmen Reid (daughters of Harold Reid of the Statler Brother) and the Southern Rhythm Band playing the county fair circuit opening for Leroy Van Dyke and The Statler Brothers. He later joined a Virginia country group, Bandit Band.
Rick moved to Nashville in 1994 and worked with indy recording artist Garland Murphy playing the Wild Horse Saloon, opening for Darron Norwood. He played various showcases, did session work and performed in local Nashville clubs with Keith Youngster and was the back-up touring drummer for The Statler Brothers until the group retired from touring.
Rick returned to his native Virginia in 1996 where he toured with Grandstaff, a band fronted by Wil & Langdon Reid, the sons of Harold & Don Reid of the Statlers, and
opened for Diamond Rio and the Buffalo Club.
He later worked with the Virginia R&B / Motown group, Blue Suede.
Rick returned to Nashville in 2000 where he did fill-in and session work around town until the fateful day he answered the Two-Bit Eddie ad for a drummer.
Rick continues to work in the entertainment biz as he is involved in artist management / promotion.
He lists among his influences Jeff Porcaro, Don Henley and Buddy Rich.

April Smith – vocals, percussion
After being groomed for singing stardom as a child…modeling, acting, going through all the trials and tribulations of getting a record contract – April Michelle Smith decided to become a musician and singer, not a star.
Her versatile voice and polished stage presence led to work as a background vocalist and duet partner and her fascination with drums (not drummers) transitioned into her learning to be a percussionist.
Influenced by her bass player husband (see, we told you that she wasn’t interested in drummers), she soon left behind the modern pop / country of her younger years to discover “roots music” – blues, traditional country and the R&B of her own Memphis roots.
April counts the likes of Rita Coolidge, Bonnie Bramlett, Linda Ronsdadt, the Funk Brothers, Joan Osborne, Aretha Franklin among her influences.
As a member of Two-Bit Eddie, it all comes together – the music, a great band, tasteful percussion and her powerful, soulful voice