Two Bit Eddie | Learning how to draw tips and tricks
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Learning how to draw tips and tricks

Learning how to draw tips and tricks

Drawing is not a magical activity which happens suddenly, some people are born with the ability to do so. It is a particular skill that one can be taught and understand the basics that are required and later practice the skills to become an expert. Drawing is a professional job that anyone can learn and do. Drawing is about fifty percent observation; it is about seeing, for you to draw well you have to have an object on which you to look at and translate it into a drawing. Consider these when learning how to draw tips and tricks.

1. Use resources well

Gather photos or even take photos of some objects if you are not a position to draw them in person. It is not possible to draw anything from your life. You have to take real photos to be in a position to translate them well into drawings.

2. Look for basic shapes

Anything around us can be essential be translated into basic shapes. When planning to come up with your shapes, try to work from basic shapes that will help you design your desired ones. This will help you move faster.

3. Use a full range of value

By value here we mean the darkness and the lightness of the color. Make your desired value scale and then use it. You have to ensure your final drawing has a full range of values, use different colors

4. Use line quality

The quality of the line in term of thickness and thinness is very critical; if the drawing is a line drawing then you must consider line quality, some areas you have to use thick lines while others you have to use thin lines

5. Know your medium

Another trick is to understand the medium you are using to draw very well. It is good to experiment but having a clear understating of the available medium and your limitations goes a long way to assist you in drawing.

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