Two Bit Eddie | Oster Pro 1200 blender plus review
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Oster Pro 1200 blender plus review

Oster Pro 1200 blender plus review

Are you really getting tired of your routine 10-dollar Kitchen blender that is impossible to use to crush ice and struggles to provide smoothies that are actually easy? Blender recipes that need processing power beyond what’s necessary for easy berry smoothies and milkshakes? Still, you’ve seen the hefty price labels on greatest blender versions such as the Vitamix and Blendtec array and you do not feel prepared to commit to this level of investment. Sounds relatable? Then I am complete with you. During this Oster Pro 1200 Plus review, I will take you through all you want to understand whether you’re considering buying one of Oster’s very well-known blenders, so let us begin!

Build and Design

The Oster Pro 1200 Plus will make a compact addition to your kitchen, with a sleek brushed nickel foundation. There are 9 components to this blender, for example, base. You obtain a strong Triton jar using a 48 ounce. If you did not understand, Titan is an ultra-powerful BPA-free plastic utilized to boost an item’s durability–and thus longevity. The jar lid includes a cap that doubles as a two ounce. Measuring cup and may be eliminated when you have to add more ingredients without even taking the lid off.

How Long Is Your Warranty?

Using a 3-year satisfaction warranty together with a 10-year limited guarantee on the all-metal drive. While not as appealing as the 7 as well as 8-year guarantees you are going to receive on luxury blenders, it is definitely fair.

Performance and Noise Level

Cost aside, if you get This Oster blender, you are getting an adequate bit of kit if you think about its own processing capacity. Some Consumers say it is like having 90 percent of a Vitamix’s functionality at a portion of using a rotation rate of 19,000 RPM, strong enough to procedure demanding produce and crush ice with comparative ease. Throughout Allergic cycles, then you’ll detect the blender employs a double direction technique using its blades, which will help pull Food items to the blades and also prevents them from adhering to the faces of this jar.

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