Two Bit Eddie | Safety measures in handling Weed eaters
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Safety measures in handling Weed eaters

Safety measures in handling Weed eaters

Keeping your home green while at the same time having weeds around trees and the houses at an acceptable height is very possible. You can even do it on your own. The most effective machine to use in doing this is the weed eater. The weed eater is even better than using a chemical which will kill the weeds effectively but leave the shade ugly or unattractive. Using the weed eater to do away with whichever type of weeds needs safety measures to a good success void of accidents. Here are some of the safety measures in operating weedeaters:

1. Use both hands for a tight grip

A weed eater is a machine that can easily lose control when not well gripped. Most of them are very heavy and so just one hand may not be enough to keep it into focus. Remember it is a moving machine and so it requires the whole of your energy and focuses to avoid accidents. you never know when an accident can occur. It could be you getting hurt by the machine if you hold it using one hand. If possible, avoid any distraction that can draw your attention from it.

2. Keep it distant people 30-60 feet

It is very common that weed eaters can lose control when under operation. Therefore, as a user, it is your responsibility to keep your working area away from people at least 30 to 60 feet away. Do not assume that those people around you are seeing you. They might be children. Some might even be adults who totally do not understand how the weed eater operates. If something happens like an accident, you will be more responsible than those people.

3. Clear your working space

There could be stones, debris or some grown-up twigs. Before you start your work, ensure that you clearly remove any obstacle that might be on your way. Such obstacles may cause injuries when you trip on them. Some can be thrown by the machine back to you hence harming you. To avoid such dangers, spare some time and simple make your working ground clear. This can guarantee your safety. As you prepare for this kind of safety, also dress on some heavy gloves, goggles and boost to avoid being injured by the stones that you might not have noticed earlier.

4. Avoid refilling fuel immediately after using it.

You should also avoid refilling your weed eater immediately after working with it. Allow it to properly cool before you add any type of fuel, be it gasoline or any other fuel. If it happens that it runs out of fuel before you finish clearing the entire weeds as planned, it is advisable to take some rest so that the machine can properly cool. When the weed eater is in operation, it comes hot. This high temperature can cause a fire explosion hence cause more danger. The same applies to its storage. Do not store it immediately after working with it as it can cause a fire outbreak. Leave it in the open field until it has cooled before you can go ahead and keep it.

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