Two Bit Eddie | What is serumtologie c serum 22
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What is serumtologie c serum 22

What is serumtologie c serum 22

Serumtologie c serum-22 is simply a skin care treatment cream which is used as an anti-aging agent to your skin. Most people, especially women, do not love to be associated with aging. They feel better to advance in years, something they can easily hide but not on the skin. If possible, they can even feel better to have child-like skin even when they are very old in age. This is why they use such skin care treatment to feel young. Serumtologie c serum is practically designed to keep the skin young.


The science behind this treatment is the anti-oxidation agent which is present in the serumtologie c serum-22. The antioxidant in the serum-22 stimulates the collagen synthesis hence giving rise to significant protection to the skin. With this, the visible aging signs in the skin can be reduced. At the same time, the anti-oxidation factor in the serum lowers the seed of aging to the skin. This is why those who start using the serum at a young age, about 25 years tend to stay young for quite a long time.


Serumtologie c serum-22 also works under the hydration power. It is made of some hydration ingredients which help in smoothing and softening of the skin. Naturally, taking plenty of water helps your skin to favorably avoid dehydration. When the skin has gone through dehydration, it tends to be dull and so dry. Exposing your skin into such conditions may really interfere with the aging process. Within no time, someone’s skin becomes rugged. Well, even if you do not take water frequently, somehow this serum will help you maintain soft skin. However, you also need to fix time tp at least take some water to boost the impact of this serum.


The uniqueness in the name, Serumtologie c serum-22 comes from the company where this product is made. It is just the normal serum you know but made and parked by the Serumtologie Company which happens to produce it. The company is considered to be the pioneer in revolutionary skincare serum. The company is based in Beverly Hills. You might be hearing about the product and company for the first time but that is not an issue. It is still a new product and so it has not gained enough reputation in the industry. It goes at about $35 per 34 ml bottle. This is not very expensive if you want to enjoy anti-aging skin.

How to apply serumtologie c serum-22

To apply serumtologie c serum-22, you first have to clean and dry your skin. You do not have to apply it to the whole of your body. Just the face and the neck are enough. However, if you can manage to buy it frequently then you can use it in the whole of your body. Once the skin is dry, you can make a few drops, two to five drops and smear uniformly in your skin. To have the best results, it is advisable that you use it in the morning and in the evening after the shower. The good thing about it is that it has a pleasant scent and so you can use it even when you want to go out.

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