Two Bit Eddie | Why Use a Propane Heater for your Garage?
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Why Use a Propane Heater for your Garage?

Why Use a Propane Heater for your Garage?

No insulation, concrete floors, and darkness are the reasons why a home garage is the coldest part of a house. The temperature can get worse during the winter season. Hence, keeping warm all throughout the cold weather is a challenging task.

That is one of the reasons why using a propane heater is highly recommended for individuals who work on their garage. It wards-off the cold making it easier to work on a project. Moreover, using a propane heater helps in turning your garage into a more comfortable working space.

Why Use a Propane Heater?

Know that there are several types of garage heaters which you can choose from aside from propane. There is the infrared heater, electric heater, and natural gas heater. But among these options, propane is more popular and sought out by customers.

There are numerous reasons why customers prefer to use propane. Here it is.

#1 Economical

Electric, infrared and natural gas garage heaters are way too expensive. The initial cost of getting one of these devices would break your budget. Moreover, electric heaters consume a lot of power which means higher electricity bills for you.

On the other hand, a propane garage heater is an economical and budget-friendly option. The upfront investment of this equipment starts at $100. Furthermore, the operational cost of this item is minimal. Small garages that measure 1,000 sq. ft. can use a propane heater with a heating power of 45,000 to 75,000 BTUs/hour. Meanwhile, a propane heater with a power of 60,000 BTUs/hour can warm larger garages.

And take note, you won’t suffer from the expensive electricity bills especially during winter season.

#2 Safer

Indoor propane heaters are 100% safe for enclosed spaces like a garage. A high-quality propane heater features safety systems like Oxygen Depletion Sensor to avoid CO poisoning. You can identify such a heater by looking for the label indoor safe. Be warned not to use a propane heater for outdoor use, or one that has no indoor safe label on it.

However, when setting up your propane heater make sure to remove all combustible materials and substances in your garage. Also, check if the area is well-ventilated or has a source of ventilation.

#3 Efficient

A powerful propane heater can immediately warm a closed space in a matter of minutes without wasting too much energy. You can identify an energy efficient heater by determining its heating power.

Remember that you’ll need a higher power or BTUs for larger spaces. Never use a propane heater which does not match the size of the room.

The best weapon to fight cold during the winter season is using an effective propane heater. If you have questions about choosing the best propane heater for your garage, seek answers here at Know the Flo.

The Know the Flo is a website that offers product reviews regarding the famous brands of propane garage heaters. This online source also gives advice and tips to buyers on how to find the perfect indoor heater.

Likewise, Know the Flo keep tabs on the latest trends on home heating, cooling and ventilation systems. So, if you want to know updates on improving home comfort, then check them out.

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